Hi there, I’m Chad Austin, a Lydiard and RRCA certified running coach based in Minneapolis! I believe you are capable of more than you ever imagined. As a runner with nearly 40 years of experience, I’m here to help you find your missing link and run faster than you ever thought possible.


My Philosophy

When it comes to coaching, my beliefs are founded on the principles developed by Arthur Lydiard, Jack Daniels, and Pete Pfitzinger. I believe consistency is king. I believe in doing the least amount of work for the greatest amount of gains. I believe in making progress over following the “perfect” plan. Finally, I believe in building a strong base before making smooth transitions to strength and speed phases – and eventually racing!

For me, the real coaching takes place when life gets in the way and suddenly you need to make adjustments to your training. As a coach, I will provide you with an initial training plan, but I will also provide the flexibility to make adjustments when life happens. In the end, you receive a customized plan for each training cycle.

My Background

I’m certified by the Lydiard Foundation, as well as the Road Runners Club of America (RRCA). I’ve done group marathon and half marathon training for the Minnesota Distance Running Association (MDRA) and I’ve coach youth cross country for the Eastview Athletic Association since 2010. Personally, I ran cross country and track for UW-Eau Claire (1992-96). Since college, I’ve run 20 marathons, 14 of those races qualified me for the Boston Marathon, which I’ve run 3 times. I’ve run sub-3 hour marathons 3 times and have completed 4 ultramarathons, including one 50-miler. If you’re curious how it all started, you have to go back nearly 40 years.

I went for my first run on October 4, 1979. My dad was swept up in the first running boom and I followed along. Looking back, I feel incredibly fortunately with everything this simple sport has provided me. With a “career” lasting that long, it’s not surprising that running has meant many things to me over the years. When I first started running as a kid it was all about me; my training, my race schedule, my PRs, etc. Finally, I realized that I had found my sport. As I got older, I began to meet more and more like-minded people that also enjoyed running. Soon I figured out that I had found my people. Again, as the years passed, it occurred to me that running had become a lifestyle - not only that, but it had become my life. With this realization, the next logical step was to make it as fulfilling as possible. To me, that no longer has anything to do with the numbers associated with my running. Instead, it has everything to do with the people I’ve met and the experiences we’ve shared during my journey.

If you’re interested in working together, but would like to learn more, please feel free to email me with any questions at chadaustin@charter.net.

Services & Pricing


Running Coach

Includes initial Athlete Questionnaire, along with follow-up phone call to discuss questionnaire, running history, goals, etc. Afterwards you’ll receive a customized training plan, in two week increments, with unlimited email communication.

  • Monthly Run Coaching – $125/Month

  • 3 Month Run Coaching Block – $330 or $110/Month

  • 6 Month Run Coaching Block – $600 or $100/Month

  • 12 Month Run Coaching Block – $1,000 or $83/Month


Running + Mental Skills Coach

Same running coach program as above with the addition of bi-weekly mental skills training that will truly take your running to the next level.

  • Monthly Run + Mental Skills Coaching – $150/Month

  • 3 Month Run + Mental Skills Coaching Block – $375 or $125/Month

  • 6 Month Run + Mental Skills Coaching Block – $660 or $110/Month

  • 12 Month Run + Mental Skills Coaching Block – $1,200 or $100/Month



Huge thanks for coaching me this year. My confidence was only high due to your specific training plan for me.
— Nikhil G.
My son really enjoyed his experience. Thank you for making it fun! I think he is hooked. This is the first time that I really noticed him pushing himself to do the best he can do. You made the experience one where he could grow.
— Gerrit L.'s, dad
Thanks for talking with my son about his running today. He takes your insight seriously. You’re a great coach!
— Sam S.'s, mom
We really appreciate coach Chad and the fantastic lessons he teaches with this program. He puts together an A+ program for youth. Thanks for all you do!
— Parent of youth athlete


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