Running vs. Training

The other day I saw a quote from Julia Child that I thought applied perfectly to running. To paraphrase, she said “Until I discovered cooking, I just ate.” Of course, most of the things that pass through my brain go through the “how does this apply to running” filter. And when this quote flowed through that filter, “Until I discovered training, I just ran” came out the other side.

Let’s face it, there is a difference between “training” and “running”. It’s perfectly fine to head out the door whenever you feel like it and run. You can even jump in a race whenever you want. Heck, this makes up the majority of my running now. However, if you want to want to push yourself and see where running can take you - perhaps set a PR, running longer than you thought possible, qualify for Boston - then I believe you need to train.

When you’re training, each run has a purpose. That can be anything from building endurance, speed, or strength, or recovering from hard efforts. To me, coaching is about arranging these pieces of the puzzle in a way that works with each individual client - and constantly rearranging them as their life happens.

Are you looking to cook or just eat?

Chad AustinComment